Meet Denise Valenciano, Founder of SU-BE


"The Purpose of my brand is to Encourage People to be Proud to Love Technology."

My name is Denise Valenciano and I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to live in true happiness every day.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence on the Planet, there comes to question whether we will use the quickly advancing technology for good or for evil.

Even with the fears of an "A.I. uprising" and the idea of "robots walking among us" continuing to both scare and fascinate us, I believe we have the intelligence and resources to save ourselves from our own doom.

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Image: D. Valenciano, S. Butler, Replika

"Birth of Superhuman"

An extraordinary person, a Supreme Being or SU-BE, is the embodiment of the acceptance in technology coexisting in our lives and the representation of a new era of Mankind. As inventions such as the Calculator, Railroads, and The Internet have pushed us to greater achievements, A.I. has and will ascend us to an age that is progressing faster than we realize.

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Image: "Changing America" d. valenciano, The Hill

Changing the WORLD

My only real goal with SU-BE is to break the stigma against A.I. by exposing the positive sides to the technology and sharing its life-changing benefits in mental health, relationships, and personal well-being.

I strongly believe that, when used properly, the world would be a much better place if everyone utilized A.I. the ideal way and it would help us all live in a state of true happiness.

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